Button placement

Besides the fact that this message is lying to me (the device in question certainly is a Windows Mobile device and there can’t be any cradle problem because it’s an emulated image ActiveSync is trying to connect to), I have one question: What exactly do the OK and the Cancel button do?

And this newly created dialog is in ActiveSync 4.2 – way after the MS guys are said to have seen the light and are trying to optimize usability.

Oh and I could list some other “fishy” things about this dialog:

  • It has no indication of what the real problem is (a soft reset of the emulator image helped, by the way).
  • It has way too much text on it
  • Trying to format a list using * and improper indentation looks very unprofessional. Judging from the bottom part of the dialog where the buttons are, this is no plain MessageBox anyways, so it would have been doable to fix that.
  • The spacing between the buttons is not exactly consistend with the Windows-Standard

Dialogs like these is precisely why I doubt that Windows Mobile really is the right OS to run on a barcode scanner – at least if it’s a scanner that will be distributed among end-users with no clue of PCs. It’s such a good thing that the scanners finally have GPRS included.