More X11

As you really seem to like my last posting about the Apple X-Server, I hereby do a followup:

I’ve not spent much time with the tool as I am primary a Linux- and Windows guy. Although I really like Mac OS X and the nice design of the Apple computers, I do not own one and thus can only use the one that Richard has in our office.

We are currently in the last phase of a big project which leads to less free time for me and Richards computer being occupied most hours of the day…

Anyway: Apple recently opened a mailing list which I have subscribed myself to. It’s quite cool to read the messages: The level is quite high – as is the traffic. And best of all: People from Apple working on the project are activly posting there.

Someone already created a unofficial FAQ (the official one is still a text-document posted to the mailinglist). One Article deals with the Keymapping, but goes a bit further and explains how to get the Alt-Keys working.

Unfortunately I’ve not yet had the time to check it out, but I will keep you updated…

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