Apple X11

Yesterday, a new release of Apples X11-Server has been released. It can be downloaded at the usual location.

What I really like: Apple has addressed all concerns with the Application so far. The feedback on the mailinglist really got attention and everything has been implemented as requested: Keyboard-Mappings, the different Hints to the Windowmanager, …

The tool is still as fast as the previous release.

I’ve read about one problem: The new release 0.2 reads the global /etc/X11/xinitrc which the old release did not. This can lead to the eventually installed twm or another windowmanager being executed instead of the quartz-wm one should expect.

The Solution is either to delete the above file or to customize the installation of the new release and chosing to install “XConfig” which will overwrite any configuration file possibly being still on the system from a different X-Server.

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