Long time no see

I really should have more discipline concerning this little weblog ;-)

Just some notes for now:

P800 and the calendar
About a week ago, after I’ve updated the SonyEricsson P800 Sync-Software to 1.3.1, it stopped synchronizing my calendar entries. There was no error message, but it did not work either – it id not touch the calendar entries at all. Then I performed a full synchronisation, overwriting the phone with the effect of having no entries at all on the phone.

Reinstalling the Sync-Software did not help. What finally had effect was reinstalling both Office (with outlook), cleaning the Registry from Office-Settings and the Sync-Software (first removing everything and then reinstalling it). This process took about 3 hours (and many of them figuring out how to fix it without having to reinstall everything). Stupid Software.

iPod and Linux
I am running Gentoo Linux using Kernel 2.4.20-gentoo-r2. Although I had HFS and IEE1394-Support int the kernel, one of the modules (sbp2 I think) oopsed when I plugged my Mac-Formated iPod and modprobe‘d ohci1394. Reformating the iPod with the FAT32-Filesystem (use the Windows-iPod-Updater from apple.com, but remove MacDrive if it’s installed – else your iPod will not be detected) did help me with this so I finally have a device to quickly exchange large amounts of data between home and office.

Browsers (1)
Apple recently released Beta 2 of Safari. Looks great – especially the Tabbed Brwosing-Feature. Too bad I still don’t have my own Mac.

I’m in World 6 of Super Mario Advance 2 and the game really is great. If only the Special World would not be so difficult to master…

Browsers (2)
I recently tried out the latest build of Phoenix which will replace the browser-Part in the Mozilla-Suite someday. It really looks great and is a pleasure to use. I am thinking of dropping Mozilla entirely and use Phoenix for the web an Becky! for email.

So. That’s half a month of notable internet expirience. I promise to report more often in the future!

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