That’s nice…

You may know CrossOver Office from CodeWeavers: It’s a commercial Wine-Distribution specificially targeted at supporting MS Office and a couple of other often used Windows applications under Linux.

As you can imagine, the CodeWeavers people are implementing featrues for their product independent of the Wine community but feed them back to the OpenSource project once a new release of CrossOver Office is released. This practice makes sense as it allows them to get media coverage by announcing lots of not-there-before features, but still work together with the community.

Just now that CrossOver Office 2.0 got released, there was a thread on the Wine-mailinglist because someone tried to implement tablet support for the Open Source Version only to learn, that it is already there in CrossOver Office. The changes got commited to the Wine-Code, but there was soem discussion why it did not get announced to the community so sensless duplicated work could have been prevented.

I was really happy to see the response of the guy at CodeWeaver. I just hope, every company would react to and work with the community in that way…

Read a conclusion of the thread here

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