And on to replication

The show must go on. As our ADSL connection from the office to the internet is not that reliable, I deceided to use OpenLDAPs slurpd to replicate the LDAP tree to an internal LDAP-Server. The setup is quite well described in my LDAP-Book and it did work at the first time I tried it.

At least it sort of worked…

Although changed attributes appeared on the replica, a newly created user was not synchronized. There was no reject on the master either – the data just vanished [sidenote: why is there a replication-rejectlog if data can vanish anyway – this is not reliable behaviour at all].

Reading the syslog finally gave me the idea: The permissions of the replicas data directory where not set correctly: some of the files (and the directory istelf) belonged to root.root while slapd was running as slapd.slapd.

Now it’s working like a charm and I am looking forward to trying to authenticate richards mac against the internal LDAP-Server.

When this works, I’m going to finally convert the SAMBA-installation to a PDC and setup something to synchronize the windows-password with the unix one (both in LDAP – of course).

I’ll keep you updated on my progress…

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