iSync 1.1 but I will not need it

Apple finally has released iSync 1.1 with P800 support, although it remains to be seen whether this support is just for iSync or also for the adressbook which, in my oppinion, is the killer-feature of apples bluetooth initiative.

I will definitely try that out sometime in the future, but not now: I was weak and could not resist from buying myself a SonyEricsson T610 which is – besides the known problem with heavy noise while making calls – the best cellphone I’ve seen so far:

  • It’s very small. It’s very comfortable to finally not have to remove the phone from my pocket when I sit down
  • The UI looks great. OK. That should not be important, but it’s a point anyway.
  • It has a *real* AT-Interface which even resembles the one of the T68 very much. This makes tools like MobileAgent (an excellent freeware for Windows) possible.
  • It has a T9-dictionary: Although I thought that the handwriting would be fast, T9 is much faster for text-entry.
  • It has a really good keypad: Like the T68, the T610 has a really great keypad – the best I’ve seen so far.
  • It has no blinking LEDs – uncommon for Ericsson phones, maybe a tribute to Nokia?

    The only drawback are the limited PIM functionality and much lesser (and less sophisticated) software, but I can more then live with those problems.

    I just hope, they will fix the problem with the noise – and I hope they will do the repair for free.

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