iPod 1.3 for windows

Yesterday, Apple has released a windows installer for the 1.3 firmware. This really is no interesting news as there are so many ways for getting the 1.3 Mac-Firmware to a Windows iPod:

  • Using a Mac (requires double-reformating)
  • Using XPlay
  • Using PodTronics Updater

    And about this hassle with the not supported 2.0 firmware on old devices: I am quite sure that the new firmware can be installed on old iPods using the last two methods above. Unfortuantly, I don’t have the old iPod any more (my father is having much fun with it), so I cannot try this out [and you should not try it either – at least not try it and have the slightest idea I am going to be responsible for what you are doing – I may very well be mistaken]

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