Broken Sword III

I really don’t like sequels. Really.

But then again: Broken Sword III has been released these days (it was called “Baphomeths Fluch” here in the german-speaking part of the world). BS was one of the greatest classical adventure games I’ve ever played.

It’s not only about the great story, it’s about the tings I learned (quite a lot about the order of the templars) and the great sequences I came acrosse here and then (the scene with this boy, the kebab-guy and the toilet-brush in Syria comes to mind).

It was really great and I think, I played through it at least five times (with enough time between each session to forget how to solve this scene in Paris with the painter, the watchman and this old toilet – how I liked that puzzle!!!)

The second part was good too, but not that good. What I really found a shame is that they have not provieded such a nice booklet as they provided with the first part, where quite a thick booklet was in the package, explaining the rise and fall of the templars. And then was that not-so-great story, the not-so-great humor and so on. All in all a great adventure, but nothing compared to the first part (just like Monkey 3 compared to Monkey 2 or even 1 [part 4 was better again])

And now the third incarnation of “Broken Sword” is out.

I can’t wait to get it (if it’s as good as “The longest journey” has been, I will do the same as back then and buy multiple copies. That’s the only thing that keeps my favourite genre alive. Adventures where the reason for me getting a computer and thus opening the path in my live I am currently walking on) and I really hope that I can get my hands on an english version (that’s quite difficult here in switzerland).

If not, I will buy the german version, but I will use “different channels” to get to the english version anyway.

Can’t wait. Must have!

Review follows ;-)

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