Keyboard review

This review of logitechs diNovo wireless desktop was slashdotted today. I wonder why the reviewer does not say anything about the stupid size of the delete key which actually spans both rows of this 2 by three row with the page-up/down, home and end keys. Insert is where you exspect scroll-lock to be which is missing.

You can’t believe how many times I mass-deleted some files in Total Commander instad of just marking them.

Then again, maybe this layout will be the new “standard”: Looking at the other reviewed desktops, the one from Microsoft also has this layout and because of the slashdot-effect I cannot check out the others.

By the way: Besides this delete-problem, the diNovo is the best keyboard I ever had so far: Great typing-feeling, great design and good access-technology (it you can live with this)

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