Forchbahn: They don’t want me to ride it.

Note: I’ve written this yesterday, but I forgot to post it until it was too late…

You may have noticed that I’m quite interested in the new trains, Forchbahn recently purchased. Now hear my sad story of failed attempts to finally ride one of them:

  1. Monday, the 23rd of February was the first date when the new cars would have been used in public transport. This is what happened to that train.
  2. A week ago, March 22nd was the new date when the train was to be used. This time it went smoothly, but unfortunatly, no one told me.
  3. Last Thursday, March 25th, I would have had time to finally take the ride (they use it just for one run per day (7:32am from Forch) – about 40 minutes. Afterwards the train is used to teach the drivers how to use it). The wednesday before, I was at my parents and had a look at the new train: Three people where above it and tweaking something. When I went home about four hours later, they still where there and it was already 11pm, so I deceided against going at thursday morning – I didn’t think, it would have been fixed until then.
  4. On Friday I didn’t have time
  5. I wasn’t sure whether the train is used during the weekend (considering its current stability I think not), so I did not even try to get up at 6 in the morning
  6. Today I finally went to Forch. What I’ve seen was the train leaving the depot halfways, then stopping, turning off all lights and lowering the pantographs. Then I’ve seen the replacement-train coming out and driving to the track where the new one should have departed from. I asked around whether it would work tomorrow and they told me that “yes, it will – provided they fix the train until then” – let’s see what tomorrow brings to me.

On the positive side: This afternoon, I’ve seen the train in one of the instruction runs down here in the city, so I suppose they fixed it.

I love new stuff!

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