While not that much has happened in the world out there (at least not much of the stuff I usually write about), I have some news about what I’ve been doing the last few days:

  • I’ve devised quite a cool way to add article images to our Barcode Solution. It’s quite fast, space efficient and expandable. I’d love to see customers using it.
  • I played through Super Metroid on ZSNES very nice indeed. Much nicer than what you get on the Gameboy – especially because it’s so loooong.
  • Began playing Metroid Prime on my Gamecube. Now that I forced me not to play it like I’d be playing Unreal or so, it’s getting quite good. 3D-Shooter-Fans: Take your time, move slowly and explore. Don’t rush forward and shoot everything you see.
  • Added RSS-Feeds to linktrail it’s not linked for now. Use <trail-url>?rss to see it. As always: I’m going to explain later.
  • Had in my hands what is known as XDA, SPV, qTeck: A Windows Mobile based smartphone. We got one from Orange to do some tests with it. Feels nice, has a hell of a GUI but is still too large for me to use regularely
  • I’ve been quite depressed because of the weather here – it’s better now. Until tomorrow, at least.

Now that this roundup is complete, I’m looking forward to posting some more interesting stuff in the future ;-)

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