New PowerMacs


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Today Apple announced new G5 Power Macs, where the most expensive one has two 2.5 GHz CPU’s and – that’s the reason for this entry – a liquid cooling system.

When I see the two words liquid and cooling together with Computer in one Phrase, I think of things like this, this and especially this. I find that really stupid

The german magazine c’t recently had an article about liquid cooling systems for PC’s and none of them was both more efficient than conventional air coling and secure enough to be used (you know: Water & Current isn’t a very good team. And then comes the whole chemistry with its cool things like corrision and other stuff). So for me, liquid cooling is just another gadget for overclocked gaming PC’s. Often a liquid cooling system is applied to keep the hoplessly overclocked CPU cool. And all is done because overclocking is supposed to be cheaper than buying the real thing, but in the end all this cooling stuff is much more expensive – even more so when something goes wrong.

I fail to see where apples solution is something different. The old G5 where quiet too, so I don’t see any reason for this besides it being a cool feature.

But whatever. The comparison between the internals of a G5 and a common PC I’ve taken from the Apple page is quite cool. What they don’t tell you: If you buy a complete PC from a manufacturer like IBM, you won’t get something extremely different from what you see on the left. But it’s cool none the less.

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