Optimized comment display

Yesterday, when I was reading through old entires here on gnegg.ch, it came to me that I have never really styled the comments-section of my postings during the redesign. I’ve taken the old MT-Template and style definitions and let it rest at that.

I wanted to change that and so I did:

  • The comments are in one of those grey boxes now. I think the can be a lot better distinguished from each other now.
  • The comment-form is hidden by default. The used JavaScript is quite straight forward, but if you don’t want to use JS and still comment, use a User defined stylesheet and set
            display: show !important;
  • Using MTEntryIfComments, the trackback-list is only shown if there actually are trackbacks
  • Using the same plugin, if there are no comments, a message is displayed, encouraging to write one.

I like this solution quite a lot. The entries are quite less cluttered that way. What do you think?

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