What a tool

I really like to photograph. I do so since I was a child. Then I bought my Canon ixus 500, which reawakened this old passion of mine. About a week ago or so, I bought O’Reillys Digital Photography Hacks and read through it, which was quite fun – it’s an excellent piece of work. Easy to read while still providing you with quite some knowledge.

You should defintiely read the book too, if you are interested in digital photography (some hacks apply to the old fashioned analog one too)

One thing, I noticed when reading through: There is quite a lot of stuff that can’t be done using those compact cameras. Many hacks just begin with “if you have feature X, you can…”

The feature list of this baby actually contains all those Xes from the book. Wow. That looks nice (besides being written in light-gray on white ;-) ). Expensive, but nice.

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