Wrong hand?


(Taken using Snes9x)

As you may know I really like watching speedruns of video games. And yesterday, when watching the updated Super Metroid movie, I came across this picture in the intro.

Have you noticed? Samus is actually giving her left hand to this scientist. I needed quite some time to understand that this was not an error of the artist, but actually just another of those well layed out details: The right arm of Samus’ suit is equipped with her beam weapon, so she obviously can’t use it to shake hands ;-)

And this leads to other conclusions:

  • Her weapon seems hardwired. Else she would have laid it down before delivering the captured Metroid
  • She is right-handed. Because in her missions the beam weapon is quite necessary for her sruvival, she would not want to have it attached to the weaker hand
  • It must be quite difficult to take off this suit. This has the same reason as my first conclusion

It’s funny to see how much those designers seem to have though about all those details – either consciously or not.

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