No more blur

When reading my Think Pad T42p review the other day, you may have seen that my only problem I had with the fine machine was that the DVI port of the docking station supported only the 1280×1024 resolution. This forced me to use the analog video otput to power my cool 21 inch 1600×1200 LCD at my workspace.

My problem with this solution: The picture was blurry and a bit unsharp. While it got way better after upgrading the VGA cable to something better than what came with the display, it still did not get as sharp and crisp as the image I had on a 1280×1024 18 inch display I had connected via DVI. Actually it was still quite blurry – at least for me, used to the sharper display.

A comment in my blog entry (many thanks – comments like this are the only thing keeping me deleting all those SPAM-comments while still not disabling the comment function) pointed me to this forum entry which in turn pointed me here.

Omegadrivers provides a hacked version of ATI’s Catalyst driver that enables the Think Pad’s DVI port to support the 1600′ resolution (Actually, the driver is optimized for gaming-performance, but that’s not so important for me)! Very nice!

Now the image is clear and crisp, just as I always wanted it to be. Cool

Now… if someone could tell me what I have to do to un-break the OpenGL-Support, I’d really appriciate that… Whenever a program is using OpenGL it immediately crashes using those new drivers.

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