mod_perl or not to mod_perl

Floating around the net I found a patch for my mod_perl problem I had with MT 3.1, so I have reenabled mod_perl, which actually sped up the wohle system greatly, but forced me to remove MT-Blacklist, as it’s not compatible with mod_perl environements (Internal Server Error, here I come!)

“No big deal”, I thought – deleting those five SPAM comments a day would not have been so bad – especially since MT 3.1 provides a far better comment-deleting UI than 2.6

Then, today, I had to change my mind: Between 6am and 12pm two of those f***ing SPAMMers actually posted stupid comment spam to nearly every posting in my blog. After deleting them, they gave me a rest just to continue their evil doing during the whole afternoon, forcing me to delete about 2 comments per 20 minutes. Inconvinient when I have to work in between.

So – for me, it’s back to non-mod_perl. It seems like is popular enough for actually depending on MT-Blacklist. Very nice. Thank you stupid SPAMMers!

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