More programmers fonts

In an older post of Urban Mainfraime, I read about some fonts for programmers. Jonathan recommends Anonymous and Bitstream Vera Sans Mono.

While both fonts are certainly better than the omnipresent Courier, I still think, ProFont, which I’ve already written about is much better than te other two alternatvies.

ProFont is a Bitmap font, optimized for 8px size, which is incredibly small. Because every character is hand-painted, the font is still very readable desite it’s small size, so it’s great if you want to have much text on little space – als always when programming ;-)

Maybe it takes a litte getting-used-to, but every Monospaced font I’ve seen since I switched to ProFont in Putty, Thunderbird, Delphi, jEdit and all other applications, looks clunky and too large for my eyes. Try it!

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