Favourite Thunderbird Extensions

last time I talked about my favourite extensions to Firefox and while this list is outdated already (I’ve got some more on the list), I think it’s time for the Thunderbird list:

  • Enigmail is the all-you-need solution for encryption matters. Unfortunately, not many of my common adressees have GPG-keys already, but maybe that’s going to change. Important emails I’m sending out are signed.
  • QuoteColors is a must-have for me as only with this extension Thunderbird complies to point 7 on my list of features I want in a mail client.
  • ClearSearch re-adds the Clear-button to the search toolbar. It’s quite click-intensive to clear the filter without this button and it even serves as another indicator of whether a filter ist active or not (it’s disabled, if not).

So: Not many Extensions, but absolutely important to me. I wonder: What are others using? The same? More? Different?

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