Two years of

Two years ago, I started to use my spare domain with this weblog. My first posting was quite the ordinary welcome-posting. Even back then, I promised to create a better layout for the site, which I finally did this february:

As I am not-so-good™ with layout, I kept the default one of Movable Type, my blogging-engine. Maybe Richard will help me here sometime in the future.

And Richard did a really good job with it. Thanks again.

Many times, gnegg was lingering around a bit, but I managed to put myself together all the time and in the last two years, there was at least one post every month. Since around january 2004, post much more often. Currently I’ve nearly 200 postings on the site, wich means that I wrote the same amount of postings in 6 months that took me a year and a half before: My 100th post was only this march.

With the increased amount of postings, I also got more visits: 2003 there where and average of 115 visits a day producing 184 pageviews. Now it’s more like 552 visits producing 12883 pageviews. Tendency: rising. Thank you, my fellow readers, for this.

With becoming more known, also the problems grew: Currently, I’m filtering about 50 SPAM comments per day. A year ago it was at most one per month.

Posting here still is a lot of fun and I’m certainly going to continue writing here.

And in case your wonder, what “gnegg” actually means: It’s nothing. In 2001 I created that word quite by accident by typing around the keyboard to create some blind text and it liked it so much that I reserved the domain… What I liked about the name was that I was quite uncommon in the internet so far. Ok. There’s this, but whatever it is, it’s funny anyway…

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