Last sunday I somehow came across Serendipity.

Besides being the only project where hitting Ctrl-V is simpler than actually spelling the name (let alone pronouncing it), this blogging engine shows much promise for me.

It has some obvious advantages over MT for me:

  • It’s OpenSource. Hacking it isn’t a crime.
  • It’s written in PHP, one of the languages I’m really fluent in.
  • It has some great anti-spam-features (though forcing the preview here did help greatly).
  • It uses dynamically generated pages instead of statically generating each an every page.
  • It has many more features than MT does.

My only problem: It does not have an importer for Movable Type. Well, actually, the current CVS HEAD does, but it does not work either. But because of the first two points above, I could do something about that.

Now, this evening, I will be working on the comments importer and tomorrow you will be able to have a look at how well my patches work (at least with this blogs data)

And sometime later this year, I will be using Serendipity as my blogging engine (hopefully with many more patches by myself). That’s for sure!

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