For the last five years or so, I’ve been using ModLogAn for my/our web analyzing needs: The tool is fast and much more powerful than Webalizer which I was using before modlogan

Getting it to run was a bit difficult at first (requiring a hacked GD library and all that), but this gradually got better. Since then the tool does a wonderful job (except one broken release about three years ago).

With all this buzz about the incident which happened because of a hole in AWStats, I wanted to give said tool (in a fixed version – of course) a shot.

The gentoo ebuild is tightly integrated into webapp-config which I’ve not used before, so the installation was somewhat difficult for me, but some symlinks here and there soon brought me a working setup.

I must say that I’m impressed of the tools capabilities: It’s quite fast (not as fast as modlogan, but fast enough), its CGI user interface profits from its dynamical nature (filtering long lists in realtime for example), the plugins provided with it are very cool (geoip, whois,…) and as soon as one understands how it ticks, it’s really easy to configure and manage.

Useful for some people is its possibility to update the statistics in realtime by analyzing the current rotation of the logfile. Another thing, modlogan isn’t capable of.

And finally it’s the looks – as always. awstats looks much more pleasant than modlogan does (even when using the template-plugin which has the nicest look of all of them).

I’ve not deceided yet whether I should replace the currently well-working modlogan-setup or not, but I’ve certainly analyzed the whole backlog of (link to the tool removed due to redesign).

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