WoW: Language Hacking

As I explained in my previous posting, I very much like to play World of Warcraft in the english version.

Now I got my hands on the US-version and installed it (after uninstalling the german version).

The problem came after patching to the current version: My account was not recognized anymore – no wonder: The game was connecting to the US servers while my account is on the european ones.

A bit searching for in the games directory revealed the string set realmlist [something] in base.mpq

As always, google was my friend and showed me the solution: Add

SET realmlist ""

to the file in the directory WTF of your WoW installation.

This lets you login to the european servers where your account is recognized.

Works well (at least until the next patch is released ;-)

Update: if you have a file called in the main installation directory, change that one, not the as it will get overwritten on every launch. And additionally, you should set the server to instead – the older one was for the beta.

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