World Of Warcraft – A little Newbie-Guide

I just had three of the most pleasant hours I’ve ever had with gaming. As you can imagine, the game was World of Warcraft (I hereby promise not to post any more WoW-related stuff in the near future, but bear with me one last time ;-)

I’m playing as a human mage and I’ve now reached level 17 (looking forward to 18 to get more spells)

For some time, I had problems getting along, but it’s really better now, so I though I maybe give you some advice if you too play as a human mage:

  • When you’re first sent to westfall, you may be completely under-leveled. It began being fun for me about at level 15 or so, but when you get there, you’re usually at 9 to 11. You can do two things to remedy that:
    • Join groups (use the /4 chat-command). As a group you’re so much more efficient
    • Use the underground railroad (it’s in the dwarven destrict) in Stormwind to go to the dwarven capital city Ironforge and from there take some quests outside and in Loch Modan (east of the region around Ironforge). Those are easy to do for you and the scenery is much nicer than in Westfall
  • Never hesitate to talk to people. So far, I never had problems getting along with other players. Don’t be afraid and talk to them. You have so much better chance of accomplishing something if you work in groups.
  • Try to meet with people you’ve already met. Once you know them better, it becomes even more fun
  • As a mage, never… I repeat… never try to attack a group of enemies. Wait till they separate. Or Sheep them and attack just one.

I really think, the balance of difficulty is way off in westfall and maybe, the guys at Blizzard fix that in the future. Until then, you will have much fun in the dwarfen lands. Return to Westfall after reaching level 15 or so and do the easier quests first. Talk to people. You’ll see: It will get fun. Much fun..

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