Snom 190

The Snom 190 is a SIP hardware phone which I have ordered recently to continue my asterisk experiment.

Yesterday it arrrived.

I have to say: I love that device. Contrary to those proprietary PBX phones, the Snom 190 is easy to use, provides a big heap of features (complete remote managability, web interface, dialing over http-request (outlook-plugin – here I come)) and does not cost more than what the other companies ask for their lowest entry level phones. The Snom even looks good!

Like many other devices today, the Snom 190 runs Linux (2.4), though this time I have not tried to hack it yet. All the sources including the developement environement are available at the website of snom.

Contrary to the somewhat crappy ZyXel 2000W which I have tested too, the Snom 190 is ready for productive business.

This makes implementing VoIP at our company seem more and more likely every day.

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