PostgreSQL 8.1

A new year, a new announcement of a new version of PostgreSQL, an all-time-member on my favourite tools list.

2002 brought us PostgreSQL 7.3, 2003 brought 7.4 (no announcement on this blog) and 2004 brought us PostgreSQL 8.0 (the date of the blog entries match out of sheer accident – I did not time them at all).

And now it’s time for the next announcement. While the team is a bit early this time (it’s not december the 2nd yet), it once more brings a lot of good stuff.

What’s the most interesting aspect about those PostgreSQL releases: They always bring just the feature I need at the time of the release.

7.1 brought TOAST tables. 7.4 brought autovacuum, 8.0 brought the windows version and now 8.1 brought some needed performance improvements with large tables and large COPY operations (which is what I’m doing currently)

And it’s not just me. Christoph was in the position to have needed something like PHP’s max() function. And what do we learn: 8.1 brings us greatest()

Congratulations to another splendid release, PostgreSQL team. I hope to see you going as strong for the next couple of years.

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