Strangest JavaScript error ever

Let’s say you create some very nice AJAX-stuff for a web project of yours. With nice I mean: Not breaking the back-button where its functionality is needed, not doing something that works better without AJAX, and doing it while providing lots of useful visual feedback.

Let’s further assume that the thing works like a charm in every browser out there (not counting Netscape 4.x and IE in all versions – those are no browsers).

And then, IE throws this at you:

Unknown Runtime Error

Needless to say that the HTML output in question had a line count not even close to 370, so finding this thing easily was out of the question.

The solution: IE is unable to write to innerHTML of a TBODY element. But instead of providing an useful error message or even a link to the source with the line in question already highlighted (that’s what Firefox would do), it just bails out with completely useless error information.


(btw: That mix of fonts in the details section of the error message is just another indication of IEs great code quality)

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