RAM for my MacBook Pro

Today, another GB of RAM for my MacBook Pro arrived (I bought it at Heiniger AG. It’s no original Apple RAM, but it’s about a third as expensive as the original).

Installation was very easy to do (I link the instructions for the 17″ model because that’s what I found on the web – it works the same for the 15″ model).

And I tell you: This is the best thing to ever happen to a computer of mine performance-wise.

While the system feels a lot snappier in “default mode”, it shines even more when I’m running Parallels Workstation in the background (at full screen – using VirtueDesktop).

I’m inclined to say that the parallels-thing just got usable with this upgrade.

Funny thing: When you are working with Windows XP, you won’t notice as much as a speed increase in normal operating mode when you upgrade your RAM from 1GB to 2GB. I guess the memory manager of OSX is just more eager to swap out stuff if RAM gets scarce. And as we all know: Swapping kills a system.

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