Computers under my command (2): marle

While everyone keeps calling her Marle, she is actually the princess Nadia of the Kingdom of Guardia in what many people are calling the best console RPG ever made, Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger was one of the last RPGs Squaresoft ever did for the SNES and it’s special in many ways: Excellent Music (by Yasunori Mitsuda), excellent graphics, smooth game play, really nice story and: Excellently done characters.

Robo, Frog, Lucca, Marle, Crono, Magus and Ayla – every one of them has its very own style and story. Aside from Crono which is quite the ordinary guy, every one of them is special in its own kind.

The server marle is special on its own way too.

It’s not as outstanding as shion, but it’s special in its own way: It was the first 64Bit machine running a 64Bit OS I’ve ever deployed.

The OS was Gentoo linux (as usual) and the machine itself is some IBM xSeries machine equipped with a 3Ghz Xeon processor and 2GB of RAM, so basically nothing you need 64 Bit for.

It still was an interesting experiment to get the machine to work with a 64 Bit OS, though all that went completely uneventful.

Ever since deployed, marle is running at a customers site without crashes or other problems.

marle ~ # uptime
     11:56:13 up 265 days, 44 min,  2 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.01, 0.00

Not much happening there currently I guess. Also, it’s amazing how quickly time passes – installing that machine feels like it was only yesterday.

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