Computers under my command (3): terra

Final Fantasy VI (known as Final Fantasy 3 in the US) begins with two guys and Terra using some mech-like device to raid a town with the objective to find a creature referred to as an Esper.

You soon learn that Terra is in fact wearing a device inhibiting her free will and that she would never do something like that out of her free will – quite to the contrary.

When the three people find that Esper, the two soldiers die at its hands, but Terra survives.

The rest of the game evolves about her, the balance between magic and technology, love and humanity.

Terra is the main character in what I think is the best Final Fantasy ever done, probably because it’s in a way similar to Chrono Trigger (which is the second-best RPG ever done): Good thought-out characters, very free progression in the game (once the world ends, which is about half into the game), nice graphics and one hell of a story.

What really burns this game and especially Terra into your mind though is her theme sound. Even on the SNES it sounds really nice and in the end it’s what made me really interested in game soundtracks.

Also, I’ve blogged about a remix of that theme song. You should probably go ahead and listen to that to understand why FF6 is special to me and to everybody else.

Even after not having played FF6 for more than two years now, I still can’t get that theme song out of my head.

The computer terra is a fan-less media center PC by hush technologies. It’s running Windows XP Media Center edition and it’s connected to my video projector.

I’m also using it to manage my iPod (and I’m using a script to rsync the music over to shion both for backup and SlimServer access) and sometimes to play World of Warcraft on.

Even though the machine is quite silent, I can’t have it running over night, so it hasn’t that big an uptime: It’s right next to my bed and the sound of the spinning hard-disk and the blue power indicator led both keep me from sleeping at night.

Ever since I’m using the machine, I had small glitches with it: Crashes after updating the graphics driver (fixed via system restore), segmentation faults in the driver for the IR receiver, basically the stuff you get used to when you are running Windows.

I’m not complaining though: Even though the installation is fragile, my home entertainment concept depends on terra and usually it works just fine.

And after all, the original Terra was kind of fragile too (mentally and physically), so it’s just fitting that the same applies to the computer named after her.

PS: Sorry for the bad picture quality, but I only found Terra on a black background, so I had to manually expose her. Problem is: I know as much about graphics software as a graphics designer knows about programming in C. Anyways: It turned out acceptable IMHO.

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