Computers under my command (4): yuna

Yuna was the lead girl in Final Fantasy X, the first episode of the series being released for the Playstation 2.

Now, I know I’m alone with this oppinion, but FFX was a big disappointment for me: Obvious character backgrounds, unimpressive story, stupid mini games, no world map, much too short. No. I didn’t like FFX.

But this doesn’t change the fact that I played through the game and that I was serisouly impressed of how well the thing looked. Yes. The graphics were good – unfortunately that’s everything positive I can say about the game.

And this is why I’m getting straight to the computer behind the name:

I called my MacBook Pro “yuna”.

My MacBook Pro is the one machine I use at work that impressed me the most yet: Fast, good looking, long battery life… and… running MacOS X.

Yuna did what was completely unthinkable for me not much more than 5 years ago: It converted me over to using MacOS X as my main OS. It’s not secondary OS. It’s no dual boot (especially since I stopped playing WoW). It’s no “MacOS is nice, but I’m still more productive in Windows”. It’s no “sometimes I miss Windows” and no “mmh… this would work better in Windows”.

No. It’s a full-blown remorseless conversion.

Granted: Some things DO work better in windows (patched emulators for use in Timeattack videos come to mind), but my point is: I don’t miss them.

The slickness and polish of the OSX interface and especially the font rendering (I admit, I putting way too much emphasis in fonts when chosing my platform, but fonts after all are the most important interface between you and the machine) and the unix backend make me wonder: How could I ever work without OS X?

It’s funny. For some time now I thought about converting.

But what really made me do it was the knowing that there’s a safety net: You know: I still have that windows partition on this intel mac. And I do have Parallels (which is much faster than Virtual PC) which I use for Delphi and lately Visual Studio.

Everyone that keeps telling that Apple switching to Intel will decrease their market share even more better shuts up. Now. Once you have that machine, once you see the slickness of the interface, once you notice how quickly you can be productive in the new environement, once that happens, you’ll see that there’s no need, no need at all, to keep using Windows.

So, a wonderful machine with a name of a (admittedly) good looking girl (with a crappy background story) from a crappy game. Too bad Marle or Terra wasn’t free any more.

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