Where have I been?

Long time no see. Where did yours truly go? Back to World of Warcraft (which was the reason for the lack of postings during 05)? Or something even worse?

I’m pleased to say that the WoW-times are more or less over. Granted: I still log on to the game here and then, but the pleasure I was getting out of playing the game is more or less gone.

There are more fun things to do than playing WoW and I’m currently enjoying them. WoW finally has regained the state of standard evening leisure as one of many alternatives of how to waste my time.

But back to the reason for my absence:

Since april this year I know that I will move into my very own flat. Back in April, it was a date far off with lots of things still needed to be done – things I didn’t bother about yet back then.

But now, November 1st is getting closer and closer by the day. And stuff still needs to be done.

And this is precisely why I somewhat lack the time to blog.

Writing an entry here on gnegg.ch consists of many tasks: First there’s inspiration. I browse the web, live through my day at work or just talk to colleagues of mine. Sooner or later something will happen about which I want to talk.

Then, I think about the subject and try to serialize my thoughts to create an entry that’s (hopefully) interesting to read.

And then I sit down and write the thing. This is the task that actually takes the least amount of my time (inspiration is the hardest for me – often times, I think the subjects are too obvious or too uninteresting to blog about).

The final thing is the proofreading – a task I’m not really good at.

So an average entry here takes about two to four hours to do – time I currently rather use for planning where to put existing furniture, where to buy new furniture (and where to put it of course), who to hire to install a new bathtub and so on.

This is a big thing for me. When I moved to my current flat back in 2001, it was more or less a “getting away from my parents” (don’t get me wrong: I love my parents). I moved more or less into the first available flat – also because it was hard as hell to get one in Zürich back then. So I took the opportunity.

Now it’s different. For one, this is my flat. Yes. I bought it. It’s mine. Then it’s more than three times as big as my current one. And it’s beautiful. Just filling it with my current furniture doesn’t give it the credit it deserves.

So, this is what’s keeping me absorbed.

Still, work is very, very interesting currently and I have lots of interesting stuff to write about in the pipeline (so inspiration is there) and I’m looking forward to post these entries. Today and in the near future.

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