Windows Vista, Networking, Timeouts

Today I went ahead and installed the RC2 of Windows Vista on my media center computer.

The main reason for this was because that installation was very screwed (as most of my Windows installations get over time – thanks to my experimenting around with stuff) and the recovery CD provided by Hush was unable to actually recover the system.

The Hard Drive is connected to a on-board SATA-RAID controller which the XP setup does not recognize. Usually, you just put the driver on a floppy and use setup’s capability of loading drivers during install, but that’s a bit hard without a floppy drive anywhere.

Vista, I hoped, would recognize the RAID controller and I read a lot of good things about RC2, so I thought I should give it a go.

The installation went flawlessly, though it took quite some time.

Unfortunately, surfing the web didn’t actually work.

I could connect to some sites, but on many others, I just got a timeout. telnet 80 wasn’t able to establish a connection.

This problem in particular was in my Marvel Yukon chipset based network adapter: It seems to miscalculate TCP packet checksums here and there and Vista actually uses the hardwares capablity to calculate the sums.

To fix it, I had to open the advanced properties of the network card, select “TCP Checksum Offload (IPv4)” and set it to “Disabled”.


And now I’m going ahead and actually start to review the thing

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