Two speed runs

You know I’m very much into speed runnning through games.

You probably aren’t.

So, in the last few weeks, two runs where posted that may help you get going as they show perfectly how much fun watching these videos can be. Both show an immense ammount of precision and sheer speed:

  1. Xaphan did an emulated run on Mega Man Zero 2 on the GBA. Note that this game isn’t played like how a real person could be able to play it. During the creation, technical means like slowdown (or even frame-advance for frame-by-frame precision) and save states were used. Still: Enjoy the precision and speed in this one.
  2. Josh Mangini did a single segment run of Ninja Gaiden on a real XBox. This is not emulated. What ever you see is the skill of a real player playing through the game. I didn’t know Ninja Gaiden before seeing this run, but have a look at the speed and effects you are seeing when watching this run. Isn’t this just cool?

Congratulations to both players. While both runs may not be perfect and both games may not be that famous, both runs are very impressive to watch due to sheer speed.

I for one had lots of fun watching them on my home cinema setup.

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