MediaFork 0.8-beta1

A few months ago, I was looking for a nice usable solution to rip DVDs. I was trying out a lot of different things, but the only application that had acceptable usability and speed was HandBrake

Unfortunately, the main developer of that tool has run out of time to continue to develop HandBrake which made the project stall for some time.

Capable fans of the tool have now created a form, aptly named MediaFork and they have just released Version 0.8-beta1 with some fixes.

But that’s not all. Aside from the new release, they also created a blog, set up a trac environement.

Generally, I’d say the project moved back to be totally alive and kicking.

The new release provides a linux command line utility. Maybe I should go ahead and try it out on a machine even more powerful than my Mac Pro (which is running linux without X) – let’s see how many FPS I’m going to get.

Anyways: Congratulations to the MediaFork developers for their great release! You’re doing for video what iTunes did for audio: You make ripping DVDs doable.

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