pilif.ch is back

It has been a while since I lost pilif.ch. Two years to be exact.

Fortunately, it looks like the domain grabber who took pilif.ch after that unfortunate accounting incident has since lost interest, so now pilif.ch belongs to me again. About bloody time!

Aside of the fact that my online identity has always been pilif (despite lipfi sounding much friendlier when pronounced in swiss german), there are other reasons for me wanting the domain back:

  • it’s in my MSN-ID (passport@pilif.ch)
  • various other @pilif.ch addresses are registered at various services I’ve since forgotten the password for.
  • it was the very first domain I bought – ever.

So it’s back to the roots for me. MX, Web and DNS are already configured (the zone file is actually symlinked to lipfi.ch – I have no idea whether this is a legal thing to do, but it works).

Home – sweet home!

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