Food for thought


  1. When you open a restaurant, you know the risk of people going to the supermarket and cook their own meal, not paying you as the restaurant owner.
  2. When you publish a book, you know there are going to be libraries where people can share one copy of your work.
  3. When you build a house and sell it, you know the people living there will be going in and out of your house for year without ever paying you anything more.
  4. When you live in a family and clean the parents car for one Euro, you know about the risk of your sister doing it for 50 cents next time around.


  1. The music industry claims to have a monopoly on their work, managing to get laws created that allow them to control distribution and disallow anybody to create a lookalike without paying them.
  2. The game industry is hard at work making it impossible for honest customers to even use the game they bought on multiple devices. And now they even begin to go after the used games market (think about that SNES pearl you just saw in your small games store. The one you wanted so badly ever since you’ve been young. Wouldn’t it be a shame it was illegal for them to sell it?)
  3. The entertainment industry is hard at work to make you pay for every device you want to play the same content on.
  4. Two words. “SMS pricing”.

Why do things applying to “small people” not apply to the big shots? Why does the government create laws to turn around well-known facts we have grown up with just so that the wealthy companies (the ones not paying nearly enough taxes) can get even wealthier?

I just don’t get it.

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