Have you ever been in the situation where you had to provide a web service with an email address to get that confirmation email, full well knowing that you will not only get that, but also “important announcements” and “even more important product information”?

Wouldn’t it be nice if they could just send you the confirmation link but nothing more?

That’s possible now!

Head over to

type the email address that should receive the confirmation mail, specify how many mails you want to receive and for how many days. Then hit the button and – boom – there’s your unique email address that you can provide to the service. Once the usage or time limit has been met, no more mail to that alias will be accepted. is a fun-project of mine and also a learning experience. tempalias is written in node.js, a framework I had no prior experience with (but a whole lot of curiosity for). This is why I not only created the site, but I also documented my steps along the way. Here are the links to the various postings in chronological order (oldest first – I bolded the ones that contain useful information above just reporting on progress or bugs):

  1. development diary
  2. another day
  3. persistence
  4. SMTP and design
  5. config file, SMTP cleanup, beginnings of a server
  6. the cake is a lie
  7. rewrites
  8. sysadmin work
  9. learning CSS
  10. debriefing

If you want to get in touch with me to report bugs, or ask questions, to rant or maybe to send a patch to, please send me an email to – erm… no. just kidding (you can try sending an email there – it’s good for one day and one email – so good luck). Send it to or contact me on twitter @pilif.

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