Lion Server authentication issues

Lately I was having an issue with a Lion Server that refused logins of users stored in OpenDirectory. A quick check of /var/log/opendirectoryd.log revealed an issue with the «Password Server»:

Module: AppleODClient - unable to send command to Password Server - sendmsg() on socket fd 16 failed: Broken pipe (5205)

As this message apparently doesn’t appear on Google yet, there’s my contribution to solving this.

The fix was to kill -9 the kerberos authentication daemon:

sudo killall kpasswdd

which in fact didn’t help (sometimes even sudo isn’t enough), so I had to be more persuasive to get rid of the apparently badly hanging process:

sudo killall -9 kpasswdd

This time the process was really killed and subsequently instantly restarted by launchd.

After that, the problem went away.

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