My new Flat – Location

As I’ve told before, I’m moving into my very own flat quite soonish.

I can’t show pictures of the interior just yet as the current owners have not moved out yet. What I can show you though is a picture of the surroundings:

The picture was ripped off the GIS Browser Zürich provides for us. I could have used (which had AJAX before google maps and also has a prettier zoom than its hyped counterpart, btw) and I could even have created a link, but that would kind of give away my address (and the images of the GIS browser have a much higher resolution).

But now to the flat itself:

The green stuff to the north of the building is forest. And there’s a nice creek flowing through it (in a more or less straight east -> west line). The forest also is quite big: It takes you about 2 hours to walk from the entrance on the west to the exit on the east.

Additionally, my parents live in the vicinity the forests top end, so it’ll be a very nice walk for me when I visit them and decide to go by foot or bike.

Forest, no streets… way off the city life?

Not at all: The place is located near Zürich and I reach my work place by train (Forchbahn even) in only just 9 minutes – or 20 if I decide to walk through the forest.

So I’m getting the best out of two worlds: Nature literarily just outside my front door (I’ll be getting myself a cat next year) and still closer to my work space than before. And about the same distance away from the central parts of Zürich as I’m right now.

Granted: Walking home right now is more or less walking in-plane when it will be uphill later on, but it will be in the middle of the forrest, aside a creek as oppsed to a walk through the city.

But that’s not all just yet.

It’s very nearby the place where I’ve grown up.

Despite moving away from there back in 1993, I never bonded as much to any other place. That old place still feels like home to me and I’m getting warm feelings whenever I’m passing by.

Now I’m moving to a place where I was playing when I was a kid – granted, we weren’t there every free minute as it was a bit off, but we visited that forest here and then – we even once played quite close to where the house is.

And only three years ago, I used dry-ice to make bottles of PET explode – right in the same forest – also quite near the place where I’ll be living.

All these features make this flat the truly amazing thing it is. Granted: Room for a nice home cinema, a large bathtub, a Squeezebox in every room, heck, 140m2 of room – all that is nice. But what really makes the flat special is its location.

November 1st, I’ll officially be its owner and then I’ll be able to post some pictures from the inside.