Knives, Fingers and washing dishes

About two or three weeks ago, I discovered a new passion of mine: cooking.

Don’t laugh. Cooking is like programming: Doing it is a lot of fun and its rewards – when done right – are worth so much more than any work you could have put into it – especially if you value a good meal as much as I do.

With cooking, there comes cleaning of dishes and various tools you need while doing your job

Last Saturday, after preparing a nice and very tasty tomato soup, I put a knife like the one you are seeing to the right (thanks Wikipedia) into the dish water – together with other dirty things, ready to clean them up.

Then I grabbed into the foam-covered dish to take out one of the things in to to rinse it clean.

I’m sparing you the picture of how my finger looked once I finished pushing it into the blade of the mincing knife.

Seeing how the finger looks right now, I’m pretty sure I should have gone to a doctor to have it sewn, but I didn’t have time for it back then and now it’s healed enough that sewing won’t do any good without reopening the wound which I certainly don’t want anybody to do right now (it stopped hurting this morning).

On the upside, I will have a nice scar to show around :-)


  1. Don’t put knives into foam covered dish water
  2. Typing with nine fingers is quite hard if one of the disabled fingers is your middle-finger
  3. Cooking can be a painful experience.
  4. We never stop learning.
  5. Blogs really are pointless sometimes