Another platform change

If you can read this, then it has happened – this blog moved again.

Eons ago in internet time, this project has started wich lasted for 4 years at which point I got spammed so badly that I had to move away.

So, still ages ago, I moved to Serendipity which fixed the spam issue for me.

This lastes only two years before I moved againto WordPress this time – the nicer admin tool and the richer theme selection pushed me over the edge.

While I’m still happy with WordPress in general, over time I learned a few things:

  • while running your own server is fun, having it compromised is not. Using
    any well-known blogging engine that relies on server-side generation of
    content is ultimately a way to get compromised unless you constantly patch
    security issues, taking up a lot of time in the process.

  • While the old name of this blog (gnegg) was a cool pun for people who knew
    me, it didn’t at all convey my identity on the internet. Me? I’m
    pilif, so this should be conveyed at least by the URL

  • Most of my posts very relying heavily on custom markup, making the WP
    WYSIWYG editor more annoying than useful.

So when @rmurphey blogged about octopress I immediately recognized the huge opportunity Octopress provides:

I can host static files on a server I don’t own and thus don’t have to care about compromising, I can blog using my favorite tools (any text editor and git) and I still get an acceptable layout.

So here we are – at the end of yet another conversion.

While the old URLs already 301 redirect, pictures are still missing and I’ll work on getting them back. The comments I’ll try to port over too the moment I see how disqus handles my WordPress export.

The gnegg branding is gone and has been replaced by something that doesn’t look like a name but isn’t while still being a fun pun for people who know me. The tagline, of course, stays the same.


Welcome to my new home and let’s hope this lasts as long as the previous instances!

Sense of direction vs. field of view

Last saturday, I bought the Metroid Prime Triloogy for the Wii. I didn’t yet have the Wii Metroid and it’s impossible for me to use the GameCube to play the old games as the distance between my couch and the reciever is too large for the GameCube’s wired joypads. It has been a long while since I last played any of the 3D Metroids, and seeing the box in a store made me want to play them again.

So all in all, this felt like a good deal to me: Getting the third Prime plus the possibility to easily play the older two for the same price that they once asked for the third one alone.

Now I’m in the middle of the first game and I made a really interesting observation: My usually very good sense of direction seems to require a minimum sized field of view to get going: While playing on the GameCube, I was constantly busy looking at the map and felt unable to recognize even the simplest landmarks.

I spent the game in a constant state of feeling lost, not knowing where to go and forgetting how to go back to places where I have seen then unreachable powerups.

Now it might just be that I remember the world from my first playthrough, but this time, playing feels completely differently to me: I constantly know where to go and where I am. Even with rooms that are very similar to each other, I constantly know where I am and how to get from point a to point b.

When I want to re-visit a place, I just go there. No looking at the map. No backtracking.

This is how I usually navigate the real world, so after so many years of feeling lost in 3D games, I’m finally able to find my way in them as well.

Of course I’m asking myself what has changed and in the end it’s either the generally larger screen size of the wide-screen format of the Wii port or maybe the controls via the Wiimote that feel much more natural: The next step for me will be to try and find out which it is by connecting the Wii to a smaller (but still wide) screen.

But aside of all that, Metroid just got even better – not that I believed that to be possible.