Underground History

There are not many things I like more than the athmosphere of a dark, dusty place some meters underground. When I was a child, we used to play in a small cavern below the house where my paretns had their flat (the whole story ended with us nearly being arrested by the criminal police of Zollikon which suspeced us to be trespassing drug-addicts – but this is another story which I will tell you perhaps another time).

Anyway: On Slashdot, I just saw an article about abandoned subway stations in London and I had to visit the site to learn everything of another place with this great athmosphere. To be honest: Just while writing this, I deceided that I will have to go to those subway stations sometime to make my own photographs – to breathe the dusty air for myself and to tell you, fellow reader, about it.

Until then: Have fun with Underground History

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