Syncing, Syncing and Syncing….

OK…. the odyssey goes on: When I posted the last entry here, I just had synced my Nokia 7650 (links in previous entry) over bluetooth with my outlook and besides my dissappointment about not being able to send SMS to richard and call him from within Outlook (what is perfectly possible from Mac’s Addressbook-Application) I was happy to finally have Bluetooth working with my cellphone.

Then some time later when Richard left the office, I deceided to try out my phone with his Mac (I have my own account there). First thing I noted: BT-Pairings are per computer and not per user on the Macs which is not really what I would have exspected as it can lead to problems.

Anyway: I was quite pleased to see that Ricahrd’s Mac does not recognize my Nokia Phone and thus does not offer any of those cool options, making my Windows-BT-Configuration actually superior to the one that is possible with the Mac. At least with my phone :-) [not that I’m really happy about this – it’s just better than before, but not good at all. As a PDA, the 7650 rocks. As a phone too. But not as a companion for other devices. And the PC-Suite provided with the phone is quite crappy too, besides its capability to sync with outlook]

I don’t really use outlook for anything but as a common denominator between all my PIM-devices and applications as every one of them can synchronize with outlook: My Zaurus, my IPAQ which the company provided me to write applications for it and finally, Mozilla for sending Email.

Anyway: After the sychronisation of Outlook with the Nokia, the outlook-addressbook was cluttered with two empty contacts and many of the imported ones had fields just containing a single space. You can call me a perfectionist, but I did not want them in my other devices/applications. So I’ve removed them.

Then I synced again. Effect: Contacts where doubled on my cellphone and in outlook. The corrupt ones where back.

I removed all the contacts from the Nokia adressbook (over the Phone itself. The PC-Suite does not provide a GUI to access the contacts directly. It was a lengthy procedure) and I synced again with the effect, that the contact database of Outlook was now complete empty. I’ve had somewhat forseen this and thus made a backup before the synchronisation which I reimported into Outlook.

Again: Synchronisation.

This time it seemd to work. But my own contact entry was again doubled. Once the correct entry and once with spaces in the secondary email-adress.

I removed the wrong entry and synced again. -> Yippie! It worked.

Then I made the next mistake.

I syncronized the IPAQ (which does not work over bluetooth regardles of the software telling me the opposite).

Effect: double contacts in Outlook again. I’ve no idea why because all the entries on the IPAQ had a much older modification date.

Again: Removed the old contacts and synchronized again. IPAQ and Outlook were in sync.

Then: Sync with the Nokia.

Double contacts again….

I hope, you are getting the point. It’s strictly impossible for me to have a single working contact-database on all the devices. I don’t know where the error slips into (but I tend to blame Nokia for it) and I certainly don’t know how to fix it. It’s just terribly annoying. And as the Nokia way of synchronizing is completly proprietary, there is no way to replace the faulty part.

I’m just beginning to regret having bought the Nokia 7650 and given my old T68i to my girlfriend. But then again: I really like the user interface, the speed, the stability [I’m trying not to remeber the having-to-reflash-the-software-incident last week] and the featureset of the 7650. After all, I must conclude that the perfect solution for a techie like me does not exist yet. Hopefully it will sometime.

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