Another day full of “fun” with hard- and software

I was very happy this morning when I’ve seen that my Bluetooth-USB-Adaptor (link points to a german page, but I could not find the product on the english pages) finally arrived. It took me about 3 months to actually get one.

I ordered the part to backup and synchronize my Nokia 7650 with my Desktop PC as I’ve not seen a way to get the data from my Notebook (where I can use Infrared for synchronmisation) to my Desktop in a simple, automated way, not involving writing a program for myself. And the additional benefit was that BT is a lot faster than the old IR-Connection.

I began installing the adaptor at the same time as Richard did. The difference: He had an Ericsson T68i and – that’s my point – a PowerMac with OS 10.2.

The sad stroy: Getting the Nokia PC Suite to work involved hacking the 3Com driver to get it to install with my Acer BT-Card, rebooting about 500 times. And – after many hours of trail and error – the results were not satisfying at all: I can synchronize with my Outlook (the good thing), but I cannot do anyting else, Richard can with his mac (where the installation took about 2 minutes): Sending and receiving SMS, making calls, receiving calls,…

I really am thinking about byuing myself a Mac…

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