Debugging can be so much fun if you just know how to entertain yourself while doing it. I’ve taken the screenshot below when I did some debugging on a stupid AV and finally found why it happens. Then I’ve added a Gexperts Debug-Statement to visualize whether I was right.


It seems, I was…. Talk about programs not knowing when it’s time to die. If only Delphi itself could tell me before it’s crashing…

(read the thing from bottom to top: 19:00 ’till 19:02 I was debugging and the app was crashing. Then I found the problem, added the debug-statement which checks for a NULL-Pointer and outputs the message if there’s indeed one of them and at 19:02:42 I ran the thing again and it warned me that it’s going to crash. At 19:05:46 it was fixed)

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