Just another feed

While experimenting around with FeedDaemon I came to the conclusion that an XML-Feed containing the whole entry (instead of just the [autogenerated … I know. I will probably change that sometime] excerpt) would be really nice as it makes FeedDaemon a very useful tool.

Other blogs, I’m currently reading (I definitely will update my templates to include links to them) also provide this service.

Now I’m not really sure about this whole RSS-Stuff, so I did some copying and pasting from asterisk* and then validated it using Feed Validator and I quite like the outcome.

For now I don’t link this new feed with the full postings from every page as it’s just a test for me. If you can and have more clue about RSS, try it out: RSS 2.0 Feed with full content

In another step, I told MovableType to create the excerpt from 50 instead of 20 words to put a little more value to trackback-pings and the old fashioned RDF 1.0 Feed

Slowly but steady I’m really getting into this blogging-stuff

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