You may know that I’m using MovableType for this blog. Now they have announced the Version 3.0 and unlike the previous versions they put a hefty price tag on it: What once was available at no cost, now requires you to pay $70 and more. Not only that: Where you was quite free in adding users and blogs to your installation, this is now limited too – even the most expensive edition allows only for 15 Weblogs.

I have no problem with paying for (really good) software (I actually use) – I even donated $45 for this installation you are seing here, but $70 is much – even more so that you don’t get something you can thinker with, but some restricted proprietary piece of software that is quite against what blogging is about.

For now I’ll be staying with what I’m currently running, but I’m certainly looking for alternatives. Too bad that another company went from developer- and community-friendly to just making profits with it’s good name.

Update: Actually they do still have a free personal edition, but this green box at the right side is so badly layouted that I’ve just overlooked it. Additionally you still have to pay the full price if you want to see the “updated”-feature. And it’s much more than what was required previously

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