My new toy


New year, new iPod. They made so many small usability enhancments with those new models, that you actually ask yourself, whether the predecessors are really made by Apple (because if they would be, there weren’t that many usability flaws in the first place)

  • Playback stops when you plug out the headphones. Oh an speaking of headphones, I’m using these. They are a great compromise between extremely expensive and good-sounding
  • The menu item where the Music is stored is called – surprisingly – Music now. This is much better then the “Browse” in the older models.
  • The click wheel is the best user interface they created so far. I hated those soft keys in the 2nd genration: They were extremely inprecise and fired ofthen when I did not acutally want them to.
  • It’s faster. My old model paused quite a while when entering the artists list. The new model does this instantly.

Convinience-wise, the jump to the third generation of iPods was the biggest step. Thanks, apple.

Oh and the Music I’m playing on the photo is this CD. The music is difficult to describe. A bit jazz-ish, but not really. I really like it – especially as a passionate gamer of the Chrono series and Xenogears, where the music is inspired from. Consider buying it. It’s great!

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